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Outdoor Furniture

King Series Chairs

Live like a King in this chair. It sits 2" taller than the Knight, while also providing a 26" wide seat. Additional bracing at the bottom of the chair provides extra strength as well as a foot rest for those with shorter legs. This chair is comfortable for all sizes.



Knight Series Chairs

Designed to be solid with a less curvy desing than the Queen Collection. This chair is built strong to last, while proving to be comfort for average to large people.



Queen Series Chairs

This design is made with a few more curves to appeal to your eye more, such as a curved back for extra comfort, an additional curve to the seat, and tapered arm rest. Generally, small to average size people prefer the fit of this chair.



Side Tables

Our side tables provide a 24" x 24" table top. The height of the tables match the height of the chair arms.



Dining Tables

Our basic dining tables provide a 35" x 54" table top. They can be customized to any size, color, or wood. Please contact us to discuss the perfect table for you. Pricing starting at $350.



Outdoor Living

Shooting Bench

Enjoy years of shooting safely from a secure table and bench. The design allows for right or left handed shooters to comfortably and safely shoot and sight in their rifles.



CAD Design

If you have a product you need a hand developing, we would love to discuss it with you. We offer CAD services to help make your vision a reality. We specialize in wood and sheet metal fab, as well as providing renderings to visualize your product before spending any money on manufacturing a prototype.

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Let us design and build the custom piece of furniture you have always wanted. We will provide you with a sample rendering of what your furniture will look like along with a quote, before we begin building it. Contact us today at 417-839-3749 to discuss any custom projects.
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